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  • Services Include:
  • 15 hours per month
  • Perfect for the busy professional who needs little extra support or a part-time dedicated assistant for the new start-up entrepreneur

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  • Services Include:
  • 5 hours per month
  • For the busy professional who needs help organising and streamlining their day both personally & professionally

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  • Services Include:
  • 60 hours per month
  • For our busiest clients, a powerhouse assistant dedicated to your needs with priority turnaround and first class service

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Why is Content Marketing more effective than traditional ads?

Because research has shown that customers are much more likely to trust a well-written, engaging piece of content over a standard advert. A blog post or social-media post establishes a rapport with your audience and builds trust, something that traditional adverts typically fail to do.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the use of content to increase audience engagement and brand awareness, drive sales leads and build customer loyalty.

Will my Content Marketing campaign go viral?

We can’t guarantee that, but we’ll try to make it happen! What we do guarantee is that we’ll understand your business, your goals and audience, come up with compelling campaigns and content and do everything we can to make them a success.

What does Content Marketing include?

Many things! The most common content types are blog posts, infographics, social-media posts, images and video content, but there are many more elements in content marketing, including email newsletters, white papers, case studies, and many more.

Does Content Marketing work?

Yes. On average, content marketing campaigns generate three times as many sales leads as traditional adverts. Not only that, their conversion rates are higher, too.

Is Content Marketing the same as SEO?

No. Content marketing is a strategy that connects with potential customers in a variety of ways, such as social media, blog posts, and so on. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a technique that makes your content accessible for search engines, through the use of keywords, page-load times and many other factors.

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