We live in a world of ever-growing online customers. To give your business the right exposure the best marketing initiative available are organic SEO and paid SEO also known as PPC.

Sometimes the confusion comes down to one question? Whether to choose SEO or PPC? But if you are looking for sustainable growth in your business, bring a different perspective to the question. Try to find out more than one way to prosper. As the famous saying goes by, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. SEO and PPC go hand in hand to bring benefits for you on the Search Engine Result Page.

Keep reading to know the pros and cons of SEO and PPC with in-depth discussions on them.

What is Organic SEO?

In organic search engine marketing, you optimize your website with technicalities that are favoured by the search engine. Here, Google gets the most attention. According to statistics, 92.24% of the search engine market share belongs to Google. While talking about SEO, you must’ve heard about Google 200 ranking factors

Well, don’t lose your spirit already. To optimize your website for Google, you’ll mostly take care of the following-

  • Meta Titles,
  • Meta Descriptions,
  • Website URLs,
  • Keywords,
  • User Experience and User Interface,
  • Content,
  • Consistency in your digital footprint.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO requires you to stay relevant to the maximum level to your target audience. So it is an ongoing process of maintaining your website.

Being an organic process to rank, SEO takes its own time to bring in the result. It depends completely on the amount of traffic on your website. Sometimes it is up to six months or more before you make it to the first page of the search engine.

For a better understanding of the process, let’s get to know the pros and cons.

Pros of Organic SEO

We will dig up the pros of SEO first!

  • Organic SEO Costs Less: To keep a well-optimized website all you need is time and proper strategy. By maintaining the factors important for ranking, you can reach out to your target audience. And that doesn’t cost a dime!
  • When you hire any freelancer or any agency, that’s when you have to pay some fixed amount. But compared with paid marketing, this costs way less than that. Nonetheless, you do create a sales funnel for your customers. With organic ranking, people visit your website and do eventually go for the purchase naturally.
  • Organic SEO Brings Sustainable Amount of Traffic: If your website ranks organically, your business earns brand loyalty. People with the right intent do connect with your website, and your business becomes renowned in its field. So there’s no stress whatsoever to lose the traffic suddenly.
  • Create Your Sales Funnel: Optimize your website with content that connects to customers at different stages. Separate the segments for every stage of customer such as-
      • Landing Page,
      • Blogs,
      • Buying Guide
      • Case Study
      • Package Deals, etc.

    Now people might be interested in your business at various levels. But you are all prepped for it with proper SEO!

  • Organic SEO Gives Your Brand Credibility: It is more trustworthy to the target audience when your website appears organically on the first page of the search engine. Ranking on the SERP for the relevant keyword builds virtual credibility for your brand. And this trust leads you to more ROI than anything else!

Cons of Organic SEO

Knowing the cons beforehand helps to make the decisions, right? Here are the cons to help you out-

  • It Takes Longer Time to Optimize Organically: You can never expect immediate results from organic SEO. Only after properly maintaining your website for a while you can expect to rank in SERP.
  • You Need to Master the Craft: Executing an SEO strategy is no child’s play! Unless you hand it over to an expert, you need to know the craft to achieve the results. And patience is another important issue when it comes to organic SEO.
  • The Algorithms Keep Changing Over Time: There’s no once and for all rule in organic SEO. The search engines tend to keep changing the factors and the algorithms related to them. So, you have to be adaptable to cope with the trends.

What is Paid SEO or PPC?

In paid SEO or PPC, a business pays the publishers like Google or Facebook to publish their ads. But it has an interesting twist to it. You only have to pay, only when a customer clicks on the ads. This kind of search engine marketing covers the last stage of a sales funnel.

Advertisers have to bid for their keyword to reach their target market. Depending on the Industry and the keyword search volume, they make the payment to the publishers.

Pros of Paid SEO

Now it’s time to know the bright sides of PPC.

  • PPC Gives Quick Results to Your Business: Paid marketing works way faster than organic one. You don’t have to wait too long for getting the sale.
  • PPC Targets Customer Directly: You can categorize your target audience with PPC. It can be based on a particular area, age, gender, culture, or interest.
  • PPC Comes First on SERP: With PPC, your website comes at the top of the search engine result page. It even outranks the organically optimized websites.

Cons of Paid SEO

What’s on the dark side then? Let’s find out.

  • PPC is Never Yours to Control: Paid marketing cannot work for long. The publishers have rules of their own. And they don’t back you up after a while.
  • No Money, No Marketing: If your budget gets to the bottom, you’ll have to make a stop to your marketing. Paying for every link your buyer clicks is exhausting for your business.
  • PPC Gives Low-Profit Margin: In Paid marketing, your Customer Acquisition Cost surpasses the profit margin. It only gets higher to pay for, when the returns are not going any higher.

Organic or Paid SEO: Which One is Effective?

Well, now you’ve known all the aspects of search engine marketing. You must agree with me that, expanding your business to a vast number of customers needs both the process. It depends on which stage your business stands at a specific point.

Paid SEO boosts your sales and saves you some time. You can take your customers directly to the landing page with PPC. You get quick results for specified customers.

When you are looking for sustainable growth, go for organic SEO. You’ll earn a loyal customer base and recognition for your brand.

Do try to read the pulse of your business. Then decide which optimization it needs at that point.

Where To Find Your Perfect SEO Partner?

If you are keen to analyze the situation of your business, it becomes easy for you to decide which optimization you need. Used with good measurement, you can make the most out of search engine optimization.

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